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We offer a wide array of programs for your children.
Our Mission

To recreate an atmosphere of freedom and discovery for all of our children and their families; a place of joy, learning, and laughter, where our students, their families, and teachers have a real connection with each other in a community where they feel safe and have a sense of belonging.

We at White Rose Academy offer a four-hour preschool and pre-k program. For our programs, we follow the HighScope Educational Research Foundation Curriculum. Along with this curriculum, we follow a project approach to teaching that encourages our students to become young investigators. This program also allows children with numerous learning opportunities and helps them build relationships with both their peers and teachers.

With observations and anecdotal notes, we are able to complete our students’ records. These records assess their development in the areas of mathematics, science, language, and more. To learn more about our programs, please visit the following links and check our daily schedules:

All of these programs are offered at five mornings per week. Parents also have the option of enrolling their children for two, third, four mornings. Our programs are taught in small classroom settings (up to 15 children per classroom). This offers children greater opportunities for learning with their teachers and peers.