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We encourage our students to stay fit with different physical activities throughout the day.

group of kids are doing a karate martial art positionAlong with good nutrition, physical activity plays a vital role in the child’s present and future well-being. Here at White Rose Academy, we lay the foundations for our students to have good and healthy lifestyle by building an environment that allows each child to enjoy healthy food and physical activity.

Curious and filled with energy, preschool children naturally love to move their bodies and play with their peers. We encourage this by providing them with age-appropriate activities. While our toddlers and preschoolers enjoy their dance activities, our pre-kindergarten children are also able to enjoy their daily exercises to keep their bodies healthy and brains active.

Our physical activities can take place both in and outside the classroom. We have a playground where the students can enjoy running, jumping, climbing, ball play, and so much more. We also incorporate these activities into our inside routine if our students are not able to go outside due to the weather.