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Introducing your child to the wonders of mother nature.

We at White Rose Academy make sure that your child is able to spend time outside every day, should the weather permit it. Please be aware that your child may get dirty as we encourage them to play in the sandbox, engage in messy art activities, help with our garden, and explore the wonders of nature. Being able to get messy and play outside is an important part of the child’s development. Studies have shown that children who participate and play in a natural playscape will ultimately become better readers. Being engaged in a natural environment also helps children gain the confidence to experiment when the time comes.

White Rose Academy participates in International Mud Day with the reason being to remind kids and parents that it is not only okay to get dirty, but also natural, important, and instinctive. Digging, playing, and exploring dirt are extensions of how children interact with the world around and under their feet. An increasing amount of studies and scientific researches would agree with this philosophy.

The children are not the only ones to enjoy International Mud Day.

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