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Our School Location

Our School Location
1221 E Avon Rd. Rochester Hills, MI 48307
(248) 656-0898

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Daily Exercise

Good nutrition and physical activity during the preschool years are vital for a child’s present and future well-being. At White Rose Academy we help to lay a foundation for lifelong good health by creating a positive environment to ensure that your children are offered, and learn to enjoy, healthy foods and physical activity.

Curious, high-energy and independent preschool children naturally love to move their bodies. We encourage physical activity throughout the day with age-appropriate activities. While our toddlers and preschoolers love to dance, our pre-kindergarten children also enjoy their daily exercise to get their bodies healthy and their brains ready to learn.

Our physical activities take place in both in and out of the classroom. Our playground has room for running, jumping, climbing, parachute play, ball play, and bicycle riding. We incorporate these activities into our inside routine if the weather does not allow us to go outside.